Mar 12, 2013

I let her do her own hair.  I had to stop on the side of the road to follow her around, and try to savor this moment in time.  Because before I know it, another year will pass.

xo Charmaine

Remember when I was in your tummy and you was eating, I got food in mine eye? – Lily

Lovely Mama and Dad to be:

xo charmaine

I love Hulk.  And his brother.  You know, the big orange guy made of rock. -Henry

Beautiful fall session with a wonderful family.

xo Charmaine

AKA Hank the Tank (by his hockey team).

Obsessed with Skylanders.

Tells me he loves me 100 times a day.

Loves to be silly and thinks he’s hilarious.  And he really is.

Is in Kindergarten this year, making lots of new friends.

xo Mama

Driving through a school zone Lily shouts “WHAT??!!!  No LETTERS allowed??”.  Me (very confused, looking around, spot a no parking sign) “Do you mean the red circle with a line through the P?”  Lily “Yes!”.

Here’s a very sweet family that is very dear to my heart.

xo Charmaine

Feb 02, 2013

No….you are not in the wrong place!

In my confusion, it seems that I deleted all my past blog posts… for now I’ll leave you with these photos of one of my loves:

storyboard001 copy

And my Facebook Page:
Charmaine Poulin Photography
Hope to see you soon in my new space!

xo Charmaine